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Hit Air Airbag Jackets

As soon as the rider is thrown from the motorcycle, the Hit Air airbag inflates and protects rider's neck,back, chest, sides and hip.

 Hit-air Airbag Jackets contain shoulder, elbow and back padding (back padding is only for the Hit Air vests) and airbag system. Hit Air's Shock-buffering protection system will be activated immediately after the distance from the rider to the motorcycle exceeds the “activation distance”, at this instance the key ball is pulled out from the key box to release CO2 gas into the neck, chest, body, back and hip airbags to inflate them in 0.5 second, lessening the effect of impact on rider's body. Even before the airbag is fully inflated (in 0.5 second), the Hit Air Airbag system is quite effective for shock buffering ;After the airbag is inflated in full, it leaks the gas slowly through the gas release valve and a feeling of tightness will subside gradually

It's been on the featured on BBC news  here in the UK check it out here.

"We can PRICE MATCH any official UK Hit-Air Dealer and we offer a full Returns service together with unmatched support on Hit Air Airbag Products"

We are the longest established on line retailer of Hit Air Jackets in the UK. We partner with Hit Air to ensure you get the best service and technical support. Please dont hesitate to call us on 01495 400 111 ( we have knowledgable humans) if you have any questions.

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Free UK Shipping on orders over 100
Hit-Air Pro (plus) MLV-YC High Viz Air Bag Vest

List Price: 450.00
Price: 425.00 (425.00 Inc. VAT)
US $567.42 EU 483.50
Out of Stock
Hit-Air Pro LV Air Bag Vest

List Price: 425.00
Price: 395.00 (395.00 Inc. VAT)
US $527.37 EU 449.37
Out of Stock
Hit-Air Pro Equestrian Air Bag Vest

List Price: 425.00
Price: 395.00 (395.00 Inc. VAT)
US $527.37 EU 449.37
Out of Stock

Hit-Air Pro (plus) MLV Air Bag Vest

List Price: 450.00
Price: 399.00 (399.00 Inc. VAT)
US $532.71 EU 453.92
Out of Stock
HIT-Air NW Neck Air Bag Cushion

Price: 299.00 (299.00 Inc. VAT)
US $399.20 EU 340.16
Out of Stock
The Hit Air Km Kids Motorcycle Airbag Vest

List Price: 299.00
Price: 325.00 (325.00 Inc. VAT)
US $433.91 EU 369.74
Out of Stock

Hit-Air Replacement Lanyard Pull Cord

Price: 15.00 (15.00 Inc. VAT)
US $20.03 EU 17.06
Out of Stock
Hit-Air Chest Armour Plate

Price: 29.99 (29.99 Inc. VAT)
US $40.04 EU 34.12
Out of Stock
The Hit Air Replacement Gas Canister

Price: 17.50 (17.50 Inc. VAT)
US $23.36 EU 19.91
Out of Stock

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