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When was the last time your mobile’s battery ran flat? How often has your iPod run out of juice or your laptop’s battery let you down at the worst possible moment?

When this happens and recharging from the mains isn’t an option, plug in one of Powertraveller’s award-winning portable chargers for instant power, anywhere. Why Powertraveller? It’s simple. Powertraveller’s expertise is portable power. Designed to military specification and then tested in some of the toughest environments on the planet,
Powertraveller products can be relied on to perform, wherever you find yourself.

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Free UK Shipping on orders over 100

Price: 153.19 (153.19 Inc. VAT)
US $204.53 EU 174.28
Out of Stock

Price: 5.16 (5.16 Inc. VAT)
US $6.89 EU 5.87
Out of Stock
Powertraveller Rechargeable Aa Batteries

Price: 10.20 (10.20 Inc. VAT)
US $13.62 EU 11.60
Out of Stock

Powertraveller / Canon Eos Cameranut

Price: 20.40 (20.40 Inc. VAT)
US $27.24 EU 23.21
Out of Stock

Price: 20.42 (20.42 Inc. VAT)
US $27.27 EU 23.24
Out of Stock
Powerchimp Plus

Price: 35.76 (35.76 Inc. VAT)
US $47.74 EU 40.68
Out of Stock


Price: 19.92 (19.92 Inc. VAT)
US $26.60 EU 22.66
Out of Stock
Powermonkey-Classic V2

Price: 30.60 (30.60 Inc. VAT)
US $40.85 EU 34.81
Out of Stock
Gorilla-Pad Connector

Price: 10.21 (10.21 Inc. VAT)
US $13.63 EU 11.62
Out of Stock


Price: 102.12 (102.12 Inc. VAT)
US $136.34 EU 116.18
Out of Stock

Price: 153.19 (153.19 Inc. VAT)
US $204.53 EU 174.28
Out of Stock

Price: 66.38 (66.38 Inc. VAT)
US $88.63 EU 75.52
Out of Stock


Price: 142.98 (142.98 Inc. VAT)
US $190.89 EU 162.66
Out of Stock
Solarmonkey & Solarnut

Price: 35.76 (35.76 Inc. VAT)
US $47.74 EU 40.68
Out of Stock
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